Our mission, our team, and the future of shoe care.

We love shoes. At the end of the day, it's why we do this. To us, there is nothing better than a fresh looking pair of shoes!

Shoe Drop was born out of our frustration with finding quality shoe repair that didn't make us want to pull our hair out (or that wasn’t delivered back to us in a Walgreens bag!). Every other service in our lives was getting easier to access – more on demand. Why was shoe repair so far behind the times?

Our goal is to make shoe repair consistently high quality, modern and hyper-accessible. Our formula is based on world-class cobblers, high quality materials, convenient Drop Spots and some good ol' technology to make that happen. The end result, we hope, is something modern and revolutionary in a craftsman industry. 

The Shoe Drop team is headed by Duncan Davis and Brandon Labrum who have backgrounds in private equity and consulting. The company employs a team of in-house cobblers who work on orders at Shoe Drop’s 4,000-square-foot facility on the West Side as well as an operations and partnership development team in our West Loop office. Shoe Drop’s Head Cobbler is a third generation shoemaker.

Founded in 2015, Shoe Drop hit the ground running with a focus on corporate clients and launching the app. Almost a year later we have a large base of app-users, and have expanded our partnerships to include many of Chicago’s high-rise residential buildings, as well as its finest department stores and boutiques. 

We continue to evolve and remain nimble in order to build our company and better serve our clients. We are always open to new ideas and feedback, so feel free to get in touch. We hope you and your shoes love Shoe Drop!