The Overhaul
$75 first pair / $60 additional pairs

Our flagship service. We’ll do everything—and we mean everything—it takes to get your shoes looking like new again. Half and full sole replacements upon request.

  • New heels
  • New heel tips
  • Taps (upon request)
  • New laces
  • Restorative clean
  • Weatherproofing
  • Leather / upper refinish
  • Minor repairs, including stitching, gluing, and hardware
  • Restorative clean
  • Premium conditioning and shine

Half sole replacement
Full sole replacement

Heel Tips
$35 first pair / $20 additional pairs

Worn through your heel tips? Send them to us and we’ll replace them, clean up the rest of the heel, and quickly get them back in your rotation.

Sole Guards
$50 first pair / $35 additional pairs

We’ll add protective rubber soles to your new shoes, boots and heels to keep looking great (tip: they’ll also help keep you on your feet in the ice and snow). We’ll weatherproof them to help protect them from the elements. Heel taps available upon request.


Operation Handbag
$150 first bag / $100 additional bags

Is your handbag tired and in need of a reboot? Our cobblers condition and clean your bag inside and out, repair lining, scratches, stitching and worn handles. We spend hours on each bag to ensure it looks as fresh as the day you bought it.


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