Think Inside the Box

Shoe care is as old as shoes themselves, but we knew it was time to update this age-old industry.

Just place your favorite shoes in our box and ship them to our seasoned, expert cobblers. Then, presto! Within 2-3 weeks, we deliver your shoes back to you good as new.

Provide your shipping and contact info.

Pay a $20 deposit. You'll get this back
as a credit on your order.

Your Shoe Drop box will arrive in 2 to 3 days.
Place your items in and drop it off at any USPS location
or with your mail carrier.

We'll reach out with our recommended services and pricing.
Your card on file will be charged once you give us the OK.

Get your items back in about 2-3 weeks! Don't get rid of that
postage-paid box, you can use it to send in more shoes!

All our orders begin at $50. For this reason, we recommend sending in multiple pairs at a time to ensure you meet minimum order while also maximizing on value.